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In order to effectively prevent the adhesion and accumulation of aquatic organisms on the surface of underwater materials, Haike has developed a series of antifouling agents extracted from natural products for marine paint manufacturers.

Haike is committed to developing natural, effective, non-toxic antifouling agents suitable for long-term use and economic production as the main ingredients of bactericides. Haike's antifouling agent and its production method have been patented. (US 8177896 B2;CN 102105542 B;CN 106700787 A;WO 2010009632 A1;)

Corporate Vision
From the ocean, for the ocean.

Haike is committed to providing global leading solutions and innovative processes to provide paint manufacturers with efficient, environmentally friendly and economical products. In terms of marine safety, the company's sense of responsibility goes beyond commercial value. The company's goal is to develop products to help countries and regions achieve their own environmental improvement goals, and constantly reduce emissions and waste in production and operation.

Company Profile
Haike was jointly established by Qian Peiyuan's Marine Laboratory team and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The management team is composed of a doctor and three masters from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The company was established in Hong Kong in February 2019.

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Haike Biotechnology Co., Ltd