1、 Advantages of the product:

1. Product: Biological fouling is a problem of damage or adverse effects caused by marine organisms attached to the surface of marine facilities, which causes huge economic losses for human beings. The traditional anti pollution technology is highly toxic and has a disastrous impact on underwater life. Therefore, it is urgent to develop new environment-friendly, non-toxic and anti pollution technologies. In addition, the data shows that the global demand for ship coatings is increasing. The annual consumption of China's ship coatings market is about 1.4 million tons, but most of them are monopolized by foreign coating companies. The same is true for antifouling coatings. The share of domestic enterprises' products is less than 10% of the domestic demand, and they are in the low-end product market. The main reason is that the huge gap in key technologies leads to the lack of market competitiveness of products.

2. Technical aspect: Genghai Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.'s exclusive patented non-toxic and antifouling new technology is different from the killing principle of traditional antifouling agent technology. It achieves the purpose of antifouling by blocking the signal and metabolic pathway related to the attachment of fouling organisms. More importantly, the antifouling agent has the advantages of simple structure, easy synthesis, high antifouling activity and low toxicity; It is easy to degrade and has no environmental accumulation risk, biological safety and other advantages. It is conceivable that the impact of this new green antifouling agent with huge potential on the industry.

3. Scope of application: With more than 20 years of technology accumulation, Genghai Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has solved the problem of marine pollution and marine ecological damage caused by pollution for mankind, successfully solved an international problem in the development and utilization of marine resources, and broke the technical bottleneck of marine economic development and coastal defense security. The antifouling coating is mainly used as a protective coating to prevent marine organisms from adhering to the surface of ships, marine facilities, pipelines and other surfaces and causing them to be polluted, thus accelerating corrosion and affecting their service life and efficiency. The antifouling coating can keep the immersed part of the protected object smooth and free of dirt adhesion. It is mainly used in antifouling projects such as ships, marine ranches, marine facilities and pipelines in seawater and fresh water.

2、 Main features of the product:

1. Technological innovation: in the field of screening marine active compounds, research on active mechanism, environmental risk assessment and in-depth research and continuous innovation of environment-friendly paint formulation, we have the world's leading environment-friendly antifouling agent technology and perfect paint formulation solutions, and fully support various underwater equipment.

2. Product process innovation: Genghai Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. takes innovation technology "new environment-friendly antifouling agent" as the core of the company, and takes innovation as the company's innovation normal in real time. The breakthrough research and development of environmental protection and pollution prevention technology aims to achieve the common sustainable development of human commercial activities and marine natural environment. With the continuous expansion of human activities to develop the ocean, the problems caused by marine biological fouling are becoming increasingly serious. Marine biological fouling has become one of the technical bottlenecks that restrict the development of marine economy and maintain the security of coastal defense. It is an urgent problem to be solved in the marine field at home and abroad. Organic tin biocidal materials are effective antifouling coatings. However, the use of such coatings has been prohibited due to the destruction of marine ecology. It is imperative to develop environment-friendly antifouling coatings. It is an important development direction to find new, low toxic or non-toxic anti fouling active substances. The production cost of the product is reduced from 70000/g to 4000/kg, which is tens of thousands of times lower. In the future continuous process optimization, the production cost will eventually reach 200/kg.

3、 Product status:

1. Biological fouling refers to the phenomenon that marine organisms attach to the surface of marine facilities, causing huge economic losses to human beings. Due to the bottleneck of antifouling agent technology, Jordan, IP, Haihong and other foreign brands occupy 89% of the global antifouling paint market, forming a monopoly. The antifouling agent technology of our company can fill the gap in this field in China, and has excellent environmental protection characteristics, which can greatly enhance the technical barriers and market competitiveness of domestic antifouling paint brands, and solve the problem of marine pollution and marine ecological damage caused by pollution.

2. The team's chief scientist and project leader is Professor Qian, one of the academic leaders in the field of international larval biology and marine organism attachment and anti attachment research. He has published more than 500 SCI papers, including 12 Nature journals. In this field, he has 8 US invention patents, 1 EU invention patent, and 1 international invention patent. He is the founding chairman of the Gordon Conference on Marine Molecular Ecology (GRC); He has made more than 80 thematic reports of international conferences and reports of the General Assembly, and served as the President of international conferences for 9 times. Ma Ye, the general manager of the company, was born in the research group of Teacher Qian. He is a continuous entrepreneur returning from overseas. He once founded four enterprises, one of which was invested by He Boquan, a famous angel investor, and two of which were acquired. In addition, there are many overseas returnees who graduated from the top 100 in QS and are responsible for the daily operation and commercial operation of the company.

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